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I'm Michell. Midlife Blogger. Introvert. Fitness Enthusiast. Football Fan. Wanderlust. Lover of Thai Food, Anything Chocolate + San Francisco.

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Easy Apartment Closet Organization Tips

After recently downsizing, my first major task was an apartment closet organization project. I will admit I do have a good sized closet. Since I am limited on storage space I had to creatively find ways to use the closet…

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My Gallon of Water Challenge

Hey y’all! Last week in the Midlife Minute I talked to you all about my gallon of water challenge and some of the benefits of drinking this much water a day. I know this may sound extreme but the truth…

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Skin Care at 50: My Fav Products

Since I turned 50, I have become more aware of the importance of taking care of your skin. Not just average skin care at 50 but healthy glowing skin. We all know that washing off makeup before going to bed…

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