It’s A New Year: My Words for 2020

Focused on New Year Words for 2020

Well, here we are…A new year and a new decade. With plenty of opportunities to improve on what we left in 2019 and decide on the new year words for 2020 that will motivate and inspire. A year ago I started strong with lots of ideas about what I wanted to accomplish. However I lost my momentum as I focused on everything being perfect. The perfect blog post, perfect Instagram photo, perfect Tweet, perfect FB post, you name it. I had great ideas on how to grow Midlife Sassy but continuously fell short, an overzealous desire for perfection was to blame.

Progress Not Perfection

As I reflect on the why and how to improve, my new year words for 2020 are Progress Not Perfection. I have learned that everyone has a different perception on what perfection is. There is always room for improvement but the challenge is to continue to keep moving. Move past imperfections, move past fear and move past doubt. Life will always keep you busy; there are plenty of tasks to be completed and decisions to be made.

Last year I celebrated 50 years of life, a milestone many won’t see. 50 years of learning and more importantly 50 years of wisdom. I am smack, dab in the middle of Midlife; a time to celebrate the transitions that occur in a lifetime. A time to start some new things and end some others. A new career, return to school, start a business and end a relationship. Each requires continuous forward movement that won’t always be right or perfect however necessary in order to progress.

Progress Not Perfection means being intentional about achieving results and not being distracted by others. Now is the time to make a clean slate and start fresh. As a result you and I will discover a sense of accomplishment and joy. Successfully completing and achieving the goals that we set for 2020 and years to come. So tell me what are your new words for 2020? Let’s encourage each other!

Talk soon!




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